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Top Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

I understand your rights and I'll fight hard to protect them. If you are facing criminal charges you deserve an aggressive attorney who will speak out for you.

Top Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

As one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the city of Philadelphia, I can help you fight your criminal offenses and protect your rights. As a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer, I have fought and won cases in all types of legal issues including gun possession, money laundering, drug charges, drug possession, marijuana charges, intent to deliver, simple assault and aggravated assault, police brutality, domestic violence, armed robbery, driving under the influence, criminal DUI charges, and more. I have also represented individuals accused of sex crimes including child pornography and sexual assault.

When To Hire A Criminal Lawyer In Philadelphia

At the time of your arrest, you only have so much time to prepare your defense strategy, and I will utilize my experience as a Philadelphia criminal attorney to provide you with the best outcome possible. Our law firm can provide you legal advice when facing any of the criminal charges above, and can help with a criminal appeal when needed.

As an experienced trial attorney, my legal practice is focused on getting you results and avoiding criminal convictions. Facing criminal charges can be scary, but you don’t have to go at it alone, you need to have the best defense representation possible. My clients consider me to be the top criminal attorney in the area, and my experience with police officers, district attorneys, and the local court system will give you an excellent chance of wining your case or reducing your charges. Check out our reviews on law firm websites such as Super Lawyers, Rising Star and other lawyer directories. Be sure to check out my AVVO rating as well.

Know Your Rights.

Too many people know far too little about what their rights really are. Can I refuse to talk to the police? What can they do to me if I don’t cooperate? What happens after I’m arrested? What is a preliminary hearing? Experienced criminal defense in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is my focus, and have experience representing clients ranging from white collar crimes to dui defense, a drug offense, traffic tickets, possession with intent, and real estate matters just to name a few. Most people don’t have the time to learn the law, and most people don’t need to until they find themselves on the wrong end of it. Don’t go in blind. Trust a top rated Philadelphia PA criminal attorney.

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