Aspects of law that a criminal defense attorney would handle

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At some point, criminal defense lawyers received a bad rap because they choose to defend not only the wrongly accused but the guilty, as well. However, if you’re a defendant in a criminal proceeding, you need the help of a qualified criminal attorney, who pays little attention to your guilt or innocence. As legal defenders in Philadelphia, defense attorneys play an essential part in the framework of the United States legal system, so that the accused can defend themselves.

Criminal Defense Lawyers protect the rights of the accused

Above all, the role of a Criminal Attorney is to protect the rights of the arrested. By upholding their freedoms under the Bill of Rights as outlined in the United States Constitution, defense attorneys are required by law to assist their clients by doing more than doubting that the criminal justice framework of the United States handles it decently. Specifically, your criminal defense lawyer is to ensure that you are allowed the following:

• The right to a trial by a jury of its peers
• Assumption of Innocence until proven guilty
• The right to remain silent
• The right to be free from illegal interrogations and searches
• The right to a legal counsel

All these rights are guaranteed by the Constitution of the U.S. and are guaranteed for all states through the Fourteenth Amendment.
In summary, a criminal defense specialist is committed to protecting his clients against excessive use of law by assigning order to any individual accused of a criminal offense. An expert and qualified lawyer accomplishes this by providing protection of rights for anyone in the United States charged with wrongdoing.

Criminal lawyers defend the innocent

The second most important part of criminal defense is defending the guilty parties. We see every day criminal situations destroyed where new information verifies the arrest of an innocent individual who has served time due to an incorrect guilty decision. Also, many clients of criminal defense attorneys are to a certain extent criminally punishable for the misconduct of which they have been accused. Although it is an uncommon event, innocent people are charged and accused of criminal offenses.
To fight the unjust accusation of the defendants, criminal defenders protect the rights of the accused. In this way, defense lawyers should be considered an essential part as defenders of the innocent and the guilty.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Accused Criminals

As a rule, the guilty clients that the criminal attorney ‘say are divided into two classes:
• Those who deny criminal guilt
• Those who assume responsibility for their criminal conduct
Most lawyers agree that the most comfortable criminal client you can talk to is the one who assumes some responsibility for the arrest since it is much easier to incorporate honesty or sensitive uncertainty when you do not believe your client is guilty. Facing great moral difficulties daily, criminal defense firms must remain impartial, as they have risked their own notoriety and personal moral beliefs. Also, defense lawyers get great satisfaction when their portrait of a defendant positively affects society. As a trusted advocate, criminal defense attorneys impact the lives of their clients instead of a judge, prosecutor, or post-trial supervisor.

Lawyers are an integral part of the judicial system of the United States

Often represented as ‘criminals’ who allow criminals to run free, defense lawyers are essential for the legal framework of the U.S. to function with ease. Without the access of qualified legal representation for those accused of crimes, the potential for overreaching by the government would be staggering. Our network of attorneys around the Country is very strong, with legal professionals in  Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, and of course Pennsylvania.  The objective of our legal system is to be where one side does not lack control over the other. Although each structure is imperfect, the legal framework of the United States is the best across the globe.

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