Criminal Defenses

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Criminal defenses

Criminal justice attorney When you are faced with criminal charges, arrest, or questioning, it is only natural to feel scared and alone. Police will often attempt to get a suspect or defendant to waive his or her right to have an attorney present during an interrogation. They do this to take advantage of your lack of understanding of your rights. Facing the police without a lawyer is a good way to get locked up. One huge mistake people make is to accept being represented by a public defender. Public defenders have big caseloads, which means they have very little time for each individual they represent. If your public defender has 50 cases to do on your court date, how well do you think they will be able to represent you?

When you choose my office you get my cell phone number and the ability to talk to me day or night. I will talk to your family and your friends to find out what happened, instead of just looking over the police reports for a few minutes on the day you have court. I will meet you in my office, the police station, or jail. I will spend as much time as it takes to give you the preparation and representation that you deserve. Call now for your free consultation. We can help people all over PA but if you need assistance with something out of state we suggest this OWI lawyer in Wisconsin.