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Assault lawyer in Philadelphia

As an expert in criminal law and assault in Pennsylvania, assault lawyer Derek Steenson can handle various types of assault defenses and cases with remarkable proficiency. He specializes in the defense of individuals charged with criminal acts and sex assault. His clients come from the city of Philadelphia PA and nearby areas. Throughout his career, he has helped hundreds who were facing criminal charges such as assault, homicide, DUI, identity theft, misdemeanors, armed robbery, drug charges, firearm offenses, domestic violence, sex crimes, and Felonies, and more. Many of these cases have been dropped or dismissed, while some ended in an acquittal for the accused; all thanks to his tireless work. Derek Steenson uses his considerable experience in navigating the criminal justice system to provide dependable legal advice and lawful representation for his clients.

Those charged with committing federal crimes need defense lawyers who understand what’s at stake and what it takes to clear their name. Attorney Derek Steenson devotes the time and attention each case deserves. Comprehensive studies are conducted to come up with every possible defense for the client. They are evaluated until the best course of action is chosen. He will work around the clock to get the charges reduced, or even dropped, and provide competent legal representation. Every encounter will start with a detailed discussion of the case with the client. The evidence will be meticulously analyzed. The chosen defense will be constructed with care, down to the smallest detail. All of this is done to ensure a solid foundation for the case. Afterward, he pursues the most sensible line of defense for each given situation. His immediate goal is to keep the client out of prison through bail and other means. The second goal is to prevent a conviction from tarnishing the client’s reputation.

Simple assault charges in PA

Assault is a common offense characterized by the caused or attempted infliction of harm by a person to another, with malicious intent. This usually arises in heated street fights and domestic fights, which sometimes causes serious physical injuries. It is classified as a misdemeanor by the Pennsylvania Criminal Code. Assaults can be broken into different types with the gravity being the major determinant.

A crime is considered as a Simple Assault if the attacker attempted, or caused injury to another person. The attacker must have done so recklessly endangering another person. It could be a simple assault if the harm was caused by the negligent handling of a deadly weapon. The same is true for threats of serious bodily injury through physical menace. The charge can apply for persons who conceal hypodermic needles and knowingly use them on the police officers, law enforcement officer, jail guards, mental hospital staff, and the like while resisting search or arrest.

The possible maximum sentence will depend on the specifics of the simple assault case and what the person commits. Most will be considered as a misdemeanor of the 2nd degree which can be punished by up to 2 years in jail. For mutual fights, it can be downgraded to a 3rd degree misdemeanor with the longest sentence being 1 year. For those people charged with assault either 18 and older, against those who are under 12 years of age, the grade is elevated to a 1st degree misdemeanor with a 5-year maximum sentence.

Aggravated assault Philadelphia

An assault is considered as aggravated if a person attempts or causes bodily harm in ways that show no regard to the value of human life. The same charge can be applied if the targets are police officers, public transport employees, and other government agents who are performing their duties, if the results were serious bodily injuries. Assaults by persons 18 and up against children under 13 that results in serious injury also fall under this category. These cases carry a maximum penalty of 20 years.

Intentional assault with a deadly weapon, attacks against school teachers and staff of educational institutions, physical menace against a police commissioner that leads to fear of serious injury, and the use of noxious gas or electric devices against officers are all aggravated assaults that carry a 10-year maximum sentence. Assaults by persons 18 and up that lead to bodily injuries for children under 6 years old are given the same penalty. Clearly, those who cause more harm are also penalized to a higher degree by the law while those with lesser crimes are given proportional penalties.

Defenses to assault

Persons facing assault charges may avoid jail by providing the court with a reasonable justification for their actions. Usually, the main strategy used is the right to self-defense. Defendants will try to provide that they only exerted force against the other person to prevent getting harmed themselves. They will be required to present evidence and witnesses that can support this claim. If the court finds merit in their argument, then they may be found not guilty of the charge.

Another way to raise reasonable doubt is to zero-in on the intent. A personal injury or bodily injuries are not considered affirmative defense when saying that a person assaulted the alleged victim. There are many cases wherein these are caused by accidents such as car crashes. Only those that feature attempts to cause harm may be considered as criminal assault. An exception would be those who commit reckless actions that are likely to result in harm. In fact, defendants may be charged even if no assault occurred. This frequently occurs in domestic violence cases. Throughout his career working with assault charges in Philadelphia, Derek Steenson has defended clients in these situations with successful results. His attention to detail, careful preparation, and revealing cross-examinations have worked very well for his long list of clients.

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Derek Steenson is a criminal defense and simple assault lawyer with the skills, knowledge, and experience that clients need. Anyone who is accused of assault, disorderly conduct, juvenile offenses, violent crimes, white collar crimes, federal lawsuits or other criminal acts will benefit from the services of a veteran in the legal field. His mastery of the philadelphia criminal justice system will prove valuable as a case against you progresses. Those with an arrest and charges will no longer have to sink into despair because of their situation. Attorney Derek Steenson, criminal lawyer Philadelphia, will provide guidance every step of the way to help alleviate your anguish and give you a positive outlook on your future.