Civil Rights

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The police are too often concerned with forcing people to respect them instead of enforcing the law.

Over the years law enforcement has become increasingly militarized. This has led to a growing gap between the police and the community they are sworn to protect. Rather than acting within society, officers routinely act like an invading army. This Us v. Them mentality causes unnecessary and often unprovoked beatings, tasings, and shootings. It has also led to innocent people being arrested based on little or no evidence, or fabricated evidence.

These acts are clear civil rights violations. We all possess inalienable fundamental freedoms that are guaranteed by our State and Federal Constitutions. I specialize in Police Brutality, False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Police Misconduct, Excessive Force, and similar types of cases. Most people are unclear on exactly what the law says about our Civil Rights. Most of us, however, can feel when we have been wronged. If you or a loved one have been harmed call me today for your free consultation.