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According to Philadelphia police departments, there are multiple drug crimes that you could be charged with when you are suspected of drug possession, intent to distribute, or drug trafficking in the world of illegal narcotics. You need expert representation, and you must work with a lawyer who knows how to handle a charge of this magnitude. When you contact Derek Steenson, Attorney at Law, you will receive expert assistance with a variety of charges, including those below. There are many ways in which you could be involved in a drug case. A standard case we typically work with involves drug dealers, the supplier of illegal drugs You must take extraordinary measures as charges such as these can be problematic for your future.

Possession of drug paraphernalia

Paraphernalia includes bowls, bongs, pipes, papers, and syringes. It also includes items used to package narcotics. These might seem like small things, but we live in a world where the police usually assume the worst, charge you, and let the Court sort things out later. You may have a perfectly legal reason for possessing something that the law considers to be paraphernalia. If that is the case you will need expert representation to straighten things out.

Marijuana charges

Recent changes in Pennsylvania law has the state catching up to other areas in the country, where marijuana is legal for medicinal use, and very shortly will likely be legal for recreational use. It is hard to explain this to the police. You may have a prescription allowing you to use medical marijuana. Unfortunately, this is usually a case that must be explained by your lawyer in court before you can be exonerated.

Possession of illegal drugs

Drug possession laws state that you will likely be charged with possession dependent on the drug that was allegedly in your possession. The specific drug changes potential prison sentences in some cases because the court might deem that one drug has a much bigger impact than another. Penalties for drug possession will largely depend on the type of drugs and the amount in possession. Possession of marijuana will have more consequences than the possession of a prescription drug. When receiving a drug charge for marijuana, the penalties will depend on how many grams of marijuana you possess. If you have been wrongfully accused due to a mistake of fact or just bad police work, you must be prepared to assist your lawyer by providing the facts necessary for him to help you. Thanks to cell phone cameras Courts are now more willing than ever to entertain the idea that the police don’t always get it right, and sometimes they even get caught planting evidence on innocent people. Defense lawyers like Attorney Steenson are here for you to minimize or eradicate your drug possession charges.

You must let your lawyer know what was happening when you were arrested. Derek Steenson has successfully gained acquittals in cases by arguing lack of knowledge, lack of control, and lack of constructive possession. Even in cases where defendants have knowingly possessed narcotics they can still win the case if the police conducted searches outside the boundaries of the law. In situations such as those, the case can be won with a successful suppression motion. The court needs a strong argument from a lawyer to defeat a narcotics prosecution, and that is why you must present all relevant evidence to your attorney.

Drug manufacturing

Manufacturing drugs is a much more serious crime because it also has public health risks attached. Someone who is running or working in a drug lab is causing a significant public health risk. These drug convictions include growing illegal substances, which can result in nearly five years in prison. If you are charged the Commonwealth still bears the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly participated in the manufacturing process. 

Fighting drug charges like this can be tricky. Merely being present when the police kick the door in, is not enough. The prosecution must prove intent and actual or constructive possession to succeed, and there are often many weak points to go after in such cases. There are other instances when drugs have been made in someone’s home or facility without their knowledge. It is possible to hide some manufacturing processes fairly easily.

Possession with intent to deliver

Commonly known as PWID to experienced lawyers, this charge is brought against people for either actually selling drugs like crack cocaine or possessing narcotics in large enough quantities that lead the police and the DA’s office to believe that the defendant intended to sell them. The narcotics at issue must be properly preserved and tested. 

The Commonwealth is also typically required to call a drug expert to the stand in cases where no sales were allegedly observed. Suppression motions are also filed in a proportionally high number of PWID cases due to the nature of the investigation and arrest procedures in these cases. Drug possession laws indicate that if you were convicted of possession of multiple packages containing a pound of marijuana in each, you have intent to distribute.

DUI controlled substance

DUI charges are filed when you are suspected of operating a vehicle with drugs in your system. This is a serious charge. You are automatically faced with a higher penalty and longer license suspension than with a Tier I DUI. DUI Controlled substance also carries mandatory jail time with required minimum sentences of at least 30 days. Along with this specific drug offense, people will be given substantial fines and costs. Not to mention how this specific charge will always remain on your criminal record. 

Misdemeanor charges can also be granted for an underage DUI. Many people make the costly mistake of assuming that DUI is not that serious. If you were to get into a DUI accident, not only will it lead to personal injury and criminal charges, but you can be charged with both a maximum fine and the revocation of a drivers license. The effects of a conviction can have a severe impact on your freedom and your ability to work. For outstanding DUI defense, you should speak with one of the most experienced attorneys in the state of Virginia, criminal defense Attorney Derek Steenson. Contact Attorney Steenson, Philadelphia drug crimes lawyer about what he can do for you.