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Philadelphia kidnapping attorney

Criminal charges for kidnapping are complicated for anyone to face. You need Derek Steenson Attorney at Law to help you, and there is an explanation below of what will happen when he takes your case. You must not panic when you run across these charges whether you have been charged or if someone you know has been charged. When you contact Attorney Derek Steenson, you are not facing criminal charges alone, and you must understand what is happening in your case.

What is kidnapping?

Kidnapping is a crime that can cover a lot of different actions, and you must work with Derek on the angle that the government is taking in your case. Kidnapping might be something that you have been charged with personally, or it might have happened in your family. In most cases, the state will charge someone with kidnapping if they moved someone from one place to another without their consent. This could include children who did not know any better and might become a family law case that must be dealt with in the family courts. Kidnapping is perceived in many situations, and it is often mistaken because civilians do not always know what they are looking at. Ask Derek to find the truth if you believe you are innocent.

Types of kidnapping charges

The most apparent form of kidnapping is the act of taking someone forcibly to another location. This is a case that requires a vigorous defense. You will learn all there is to know about the case, and Derek will do whatever is necessary to seek out the truth in the case. You never move forward until we have all the facts of the case in hand.
Kidnapping could be confused by many different people, and you must be prepared to explain how the situation occurred. The people who are witnesses may not have understood what they saw, and Derek will seek the truth as he talks to all these people about the incident.

Family kidnapping

Family kidnapping can get very complicated. Some children could be deemed as ‘kidnapped’ even though they went willingly, with an adult family member or friend. Some abductions happen when parents have a custody dispute. Also, there are kidnappings where grandparents or other family members want to take the child for reasons only they could know.
The reasoning behind family kidnapping is often crucial to the case, and Derek will speak to you about what was happening in your family at the time of the abduction. You need to be forthcoming, or you need to learn all these facts before pressing on. Criminal cases can be built if you were found to be out of line, but there are instances in which you can prove that you believed you were doing the right thing.

Kidnapping with force

Charges can be levied against you if you used a weapon or are believed to have been using a weapon. There are cases where people who rightfully carried a firearm could be charged with kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon even though it was not drawn. A pocketknife could be considered a weapon, and you must trust Derek to get to the bottom of the case. All these misunderstandings can be handled in court, and you are given a chance to explain yourself in sworn testimony.

Small acts that get out of control

There are cases where you have been accused of kidnapping due to what is a misunderstanding. People often call something kidnapping after the fact, or it might be deemed kidnapping by the state even though it did not seem that way at the time. Families often get very angry and very territorial if someone has been moved without their knowledge. This could be as small as taking someone back to your home to let them rest after a long night of drinking. If someone gets the wrong idea, you could be charged with kidnapping.

Family disputes settled

Family disputes are negotiated with Derek’s help in many cases because he knows that a case is not over even after he has served his client. He might have gone through a long and expansive case that involved some form of family kidnapping, but that does not mean that the family believes the case is over. Derek Steenson Attorney at Law is willing to talk to families on both sides to resolve a dispute that goes much deeper than a single kidnapping charge. He understands the family dynamics that might come through in these cases, and he will offer any mediation that might be needed.

Philadelphia kidnapping charges

Derek knows the court system, and he knows the people that you will encounter when you are in court. He will get you ready for any pre-trial or trial proceedings. He will also talk to you about what you should do to make the best possible decisions for your family. Your family can get better advice from Derek because he knows what you can all do to support the person who is on trial. Kidnapping is a serious offense, and you might be tasked with providing additional testimony and letters of good faith about the person who has been charged.

How do you get the best resolution in a kidnapping case?

You must trust Derek Steenson, Attorney at Law to help you come to the best resolution in your kidnapping case. This is a crime that is taken very seriously in the court system. You need a vigorous defense that can help exonerate your charges or avoid going to jail for long periods of time. Contact Derek Steenson. We are here to assist you and provide you and your family all the care that deserve in defending your arrest.