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Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

Criminal charges, for any number of sexual offenses in Philadelphia, must be handled by sex a sex crime lawyer. When you are confronted with charges that may or may not be true, you could be in the middle of a terribly difficult time. You need criminal defense lawyers who can help avoid criminal penalties to get your life back on track once again.

Call criminal defense attorney, Derek Steenson as soon as possible for a confidential consultation.  Have your case reviewed by an experienced lawyer who understands how to manage all types of sex crimes.

Sex Crimes in Philadelphia

Rape Charges

A rape charge covers a wide range of different situations. Statutory, spousal, child rape, and date rape are all charges that are specified if you have been accused of rape. You must know what these rape charges mean, and you must understand how you might explain what happened.

Statutory rape is any sex act that occurs between an adult and a minor. Teenagers sometimes lie about how old they are, and there are times when the other party might have known how old this person was. It is wise to ask Derek Steenson to research the case to find out what the truth really is.

Spousal rape is a real crime, and anyone who has been accused by their spouse needs to work with Attorney Steenson to find out how to resolve the case as fast as possible. Many cases can be mediated, but the person who has been accused needs an aggressive defense attorney with extensive experience defending against rape allegations.

Child rape is self-explanatory, and of a sensitive nature.  The accused must speak to Derek about how to mitigate these charges or take the matter to trial.

Date rape is a case where a man or woman has taken advantage of their date through the means of sedation or force. The date rape cases that come in front of Derek could be true or false based on the facts of the case. He will attempt to ascertain what really happened when the crime allegedly occurred. He is fully aware that there are times when mistakes are made, and misunderstandings happen.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a type of sexual violence, including child sexual abuse, gropings, rape, forced vaginal, anal, or oth­er forms of penetration, and non-forcible oral or anal sex. Sexual assault is also known as sexual battery and sexually violent conduct. An assault is any unwanted sexual contact without consent.

Philadelphia Sexual Assault Attorney

Sex crimes defense attorneys know how to review sexual assault offenses to ascertain if unlawful contact occurred.  As an experienced sex crimes attorney, Derek Steenson is aware that there are times when misunderstandings do take place. 

There are also times when the accused may have a mental illness or are intoxicated during the alleged incident. These people need a skilled defense attorney so that they can get the help that they need to avoid a criminal charge and stay out of jail.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure is considered a victimless sex offense.  It happens when someone is in public in a state of dress that is not considered appropriate by the community. This could occur in a variety of ways.  Someone who is trying to explain what happened needs to have an experienced attorney to fight these types of allegations.

A skillful defense lawyer will conduct an investigation gathering physical and circumstantial evidence that could explain how you may have ended up in this situation.  Your sex crimes lawyer will propose how the real facts were otherwise misconstrued, and he can fight or mitigate the charges against you.

There are a lot of people who might have been caught in a bad situation, and they need to find legal representation to explain what happened so that they can get past these sex crime accusations.

Child Pornography Charges

Possession and distribution of child pornography are both sexual crimes. Someone who is accused of sexual misconduct needs to speak with a criminal attorney right away to discuss the facts surrounding the arrest.

There are many cases where someone could have lied about their age, or people could have had files dumped onto their computers, which is an internet crime. There are also instances in which people are going to be caught with things that they did not even know were present. It is not uncommon for people who download illegal material to steal their neighbor’s Wi-Fi in an attempt to throw the authorities off their trail.

Derek Steenson knows the experts that can get to the truth if the case calls for it, such as weak evidence or mistaken identity. People who move into homes that might have been hiding places for this form of pornography should ask for our help, and anyone else who is accused should contact Derek for their free case evaluation.


Prostitution and the solicitation of a prostitute are both crimes, and these are cases where the client must explain what was happening when they met this person. There are times when a misunderstanding occurs, and there are other times when people need to figure out how they can show that they did not want to be in the position they were.

Many prostitutes need to speak to a lawyer so that they can show that they have been forced into the trade, or they might have been in a situation where they had no other options. Some people have been trafficked, or someone might have been caught in a position where it looks like they were sex trafficking someone for sex acts.

Allow Attorney Steenson to learn what happened in this case and give you the strongest defense possible. Many trafficking cases can result in both state and federal crimes.  Attorney Derek Steenson knows how to defend against this type of crime and sex crime allegations.

Experienced Sex Crime Lawyer

Derek Steenson Attorney at Law can help you with criminal charges that involve sex crimes. He understands how each of these laws are applied, but he also knows how to offer the best possible  legal advice for people who have been in a situation that they did not think would be considered unlawful contact.

As a sex crime lawyer, Mr. Steenson will try to meditate many of these things, and he will explain to you how to handle yourself in court. Derek works hard to come to a proper resolution for all of his clients, so they can go on with their lives after an